Who is Axia Concepts / Bryan Cole?


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  • Who is Axia Concepts / Bryan Cole ?

    Please allow me to share a little about myself, and if I sound like a fit to your needs, I’d love to know how I can help!

    I have been focusing on church technology since 2005, most recently under my own company name, Axia Concepts. Axia Concepts is just me, I keep it lean and low overhead, so I can pass cost savings along to those that I serve.

    I like to think of myself as part ministry, part commercial operation. When I entered the Pro A/V space (as a user) I discovered that not only is there a lot of “folklore” around what is the correct piece of gear for a particular solution, but that many big name brands are the “go to” solutions, simply because they are household names. As I began to attend trade shows and read industry publications, I began to see that many of these leading brands spend an incredible amount of money marketing themselves as leaders, and of course the cost of that marketing gets added on to the price tag of the product.

    I also learned that many treat A/V solutions as an exact science, “there is only one way.” My experience was at odds with this – I was learning that while there are best practices and general guidelines that act as good starting points, there are generally more than one way to attack a given problem – and there is artistry in how each one of us will attack this.

    Another observation I learned from watching the industry is that there was nothing in the market between the full “turn-key” contractors, and the entry level music stores. I started developing this niche, where I can provide all of the consulting component, and churches can organize volunteers, and in many cases, do the bulk of the implementation themselves, with guidance from me. This has allowed me to bring full pro- grade solutions to organizations that would normally be restricted to solutions available at the local music store.

    The final piece that has contributed to “the perfect storm” if you will (which is a good thing) is the merging of IT and production technologies. With 20+ years in Information Technology, I was in the right place at the right time for IP based solutions to begin making their way into professional A/V solutions. It’s a really fun time in that regard.

    So what I’ve done is to combine my technical abilities, and my passion for fitting “right sized” solutions to ministry (I really like to get to know the organizations I support so I can partner with their mission.) I then use my dealer relationships that I’ve accumulated over the years, to bring product solutions to those that I support and serve, at prices that in most cases are extremely low. Because this is part ministry to me, and not where I derive all of my family’s income, I don’t need to make a huge profit like some of the commercial shops. Staying as a small single man operation helps greatly as well.
    So I love being referred,and I love taking the time on the phone and in e-mail to get to know those that I serve – I always have time for phone calls and e-mail questions – and that’s where it usually starts! I love to help small and medium sized organizations with solutions in the following areas:

    IT infrastructure

    • VoIP phone systems
    • Web Technology
    • Enterprise Wifi
    • Wifi Guest Networks


    • Live sound systems
    • Digital Mixing Consoles
    • Personal Monitoring Solutions
    • Engineered Wireless Systems
    • Training
    • Room Tuning/Acoustics
    • Energy efficient Loudspeaker Systems


    • Video live streaming
    • Video Live Switching
    • Video Projection/Video Walls
    • Video infrastructure

    Data/People Management

    • Church/Constituent Management Systems (great alternatives to Fellowship One, ACS, Shelby, etc)
    • Theatrical and stage lighting ( with free design services from one of my vendors) including LED and moving head fixtures

    Sound like there might be a fit? I’d love to hear from you.


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