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    One of the things that has been a nice benefit of remaining a small and lightweight business, is my ability to provide additional “value-added” services alongside other projects that we may be engaged in.

    Since I view each relationship as a potential long-term relationship, I have developed a simple rule that any organization that actively worked with me during the calendar year, has available to them the following services. Click each one to read more about why I chose the service, and how it compares to a “paid” service.


    • Corporate Wifi System Cloud Management
    • High Performance web hosting with control panel
    • Standard (pop3/IMAP) or corporate (mail/contacts/calendar) for your organization
    • Personal orientation to the InfoComm Show each year

    The list continues to grow, as I find new services to offer that would benefit organizations that I work with.

    Why do I do this?

    These types of services are services that would require me to gather a large base of customers in order to reach a point of profitability on that offering alone. There is a certain amount of overhead as well, around managing the billing aspects of each service. The size of my client base would not support the paid model, without me spending significant time and funds marketing in those segments – and I don’t feel God has called me to do that.

    My background before entering the production technology space was in corporate IT. I have 20+ years of experience around providing technology solutions – and so I put that experience to work setting up easy to maintain systems that provide a service that is either missing from commercial offerings, is too low performing in most cases, is priced out of reach of most organizations, or simply does not exist. On each of the pages above, I describe what my motivation was to create each particular offer, and also I describe any infrastructure notes that might be of interest to those of a more technical bent.

    Of course, should situations arise that cause us to no longer be working together on production technology projects, then I will make a fair and equitable offer to a departing organization if they wish to keep these services for a monthly, or annual fee.



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