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    Tectonic Plates – Church Audio Game Changer

    Loudspeaker history is being made right now – and in the church/ House Of Worship world, we have the ability to employ this new technology and provide new levels of clarity and musicality without as much concern for the acoustic quality of the room. And as if this alone were not enough, Tectonic Plates bring with them a host of other rather astounding features all of which provide benefit to our worship spaces. I felt compelled to create a series of videos explaining how this (very different) technology works in the simplest way possible.

    This technology is different, and as a result, it is easily misunderstood by those who have built their livelihood around understanding how traditional loudspeakers work. We are dealing with a fundamental change to a technology (loudspeakers) that have not changed fundamentally in 50 years or more. It is my hope that these videos will encourage you to attend a live demo and hear for yourself how transformational this technology really is. I felt compelled to make this video series to share this technology, and the ways it can significantly enhance worship and message delivery in church.

    In the playlist below, I cover seven different topics around Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology from Tectonics, and the many benefits that come with using this technology in church.


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    Playlist below contains nine short videos. View directly on YouTube: Axia YouTube Channel

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