Published Works By Bryan Cole


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  • Bryan has the honor to write for Technology for Worship Magazine (and other organizations) – this page is a collection of links to those articles.

    Authored Articles:

    Cost-Effective LED For Worship ( Sound and Video Contractor, Jan, 2017)

    Inspire Church Hawaii – Elektralite LED (Church Production Magazine, September, 2016)

    The Importance of In-Ears (TFWM Magazine, May, 2016)

    Live Recording Your Services With Your FOH Console  (TFWM Magazine, April 2016)

    Loudspeaker Tech: DSP, Digitally Steerable, and Distributed Mode  (TFWM Magazine March 2016)

    Understanding Loudspeaker Coverage  (TFWM Magazine, February 2016)

    Content Storage and Delivery  (TFWM Magazine, February 2016 – Co-Authored with John Chevalier)

    What To Look For When Choosing A Loudspeaker System (TFWM Magazine, January 2016)

    Choosing The Right Pixel Pitch For Your LED wall (TFWM Magazine, November 2015)

    Do You Need Subwoofers in Your Audio System? (TFWM Magazine – October 2015)

    Audio Processing for Broadcast (TFWM Magazine – September 2015)

    Audio and Loudspeakers for Overflow and Auxiliary Rooms (TFWM Magazine – August 2015)

    Networked Microphones? (TFWM Magazine – July 2015)

    Networked Audio Consoles (TFWM Magazine – June 2015)

    Understanding Louspeaker Placement (TFWM Magazine – May 2015)

    Creating Worship Lyric Videos That Shine (TFWM Digital Edition – May 2015) – Author: Aimee Cole (Bryan’s Daughter)

    Before Purchasing an LED Wall – (TFWM Magazine – Apr 2015)

    Broadcast Audio and When You Need a Separate Console (TFWM Magazine – Mar 2015)

    Reasons To Upgrade Your Console (TFWM Magazine – Feb 2015)

    Maintaining Your Loudspeakers (TFWM Magazine – Jan 2015)

    The Digital Analog Debate (TFWM Online Article – Jan 2015)

    Important Components for Live Streaming your Service (TFWM Magainze – Jan 2015)

    Audio over IP – Digital Plumbing For Your Church (TFWM – Jan 2015)

    Roland M-5000 Console Review (TFWM Print Edition – Nov 2014)

    What Does Dante Mean for HoW? (TFWM Magazine – Aug 2014)

    One Church, Many Locations (TFWM Magazine – January 2014)

    Presonus 1818VSL Product Review (TFWM Magazine – Nov 2012)

    Articles Mentioning Bryan Cole

    Understanding LED Walls (TFWM Magazine – Jan 2015)


    Also please see this page for video from live events


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