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    Part 7 – Try Before You Buy – Tectonic Audio


    Tectonic Plates from Tectonic Audio Design utilize breakthrough “Distributed Mode Loudspeaker” technology to overcome many limitations of traditional cone- shaped loudspeakers. The results are a true game-changer for use in church, with some of the main benefits being extremely high fidelity, minimal room interaction, and feedback resistance.

    Part 7 discusses a fantastic feature of the Tectonic Plates – when you audition them temporarily in a space, once a purchase decision is made, the final product will sound as good or better than the demo – for many of the reasons discussed in previous videos, placement of the loudspeaker in the room is less of a factor – so loudspeakers demoed on temporary stands, versus loudspeakers installed in a permanent (different) location will sound essentially the same.


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    The Summary appears below. View the whole playlist here: Full Tectonic Playlist

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