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    Luxium – Zobo LED “Lamp”

    While we are on the subject of Bluetooth, we’ve again been blessed with yet another “niche” product, that we think will serve many of you, like no other product in the price range.

    Luxium is a new lighting company that we have the honor of distributing – and what  a product! We are most excited about their “Zobo” product, as it creates a new, low cost entry point into controllable, LED color lighting, even for smaller spaces such as youth rooms.


    At the entry level, we have the Zobo Z2 – which is an 1800 lumens RGBLW LED fixture – with two very unique attributes:

    1- You can control it with an iPhone via BlueTooth. So if you simply want to set the mood before an event, you get a very low cost way to do that. The app is free, and a new version is coming soon, that can change the lighting along with music.

    2- The fixture uses a standard screw base found on just about every light bulb in use today. This means that it can be used without any specialized lighting infrastructure. If you have typical “track” lighting in your space, then you are good to go.

    And the best part – it’s $159, and the control app is free.

    At that price, you might be thinking that this is a “DJ” quality fixture, but we’re here to report that the company has put a tremendous amount of effort into making the colors very rich, and very consistent. In addition, using simple lens inserts, the fixture can very effectively be converted from a “spot” to more of a wider angle “wash.”

    zobo2If you already have DMX capability (via software or a hardware lighting console) the unit comes in both wired and wireless DMX. The wired DMX uses RJ45 (network) jacks, which we love as it’s much less costly than traditional DMX cabling. Wired DMX is $229, and Wireless DMX is $269. The wireless DMX units also have wired DMX, so you can use the Zobo wirelessly, and then connect standard wired lighting to the DMX chain, to integrate into your existing system.

    Visit Luxium’s web site for more information. Hawaii folks – we are collecting orders for a “bulk buy” to the islands, in order to save on shipping. We also have demo units on the island – let us know if you would like to have a demo.


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