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    Low Cost Audio – Done Well

    I see it over and over again, and it’s my personal mission to help correct it.

    It’s when I see people and organizations spend money based on brand loyalty. In pro audio, this most often means that you’ve paid for a significant amount of marketing as part of your purchase price – so that the brand could become a household name.

    To be fair, brand loyalty is a good thing – when it’s based on a product providing excellent value and longevity for the money spent – not when its based on having the coolest name. And on top of that, the system has to be set up and configured properly – or even top tier gear will sound sub-par.

    The system in the video below contains four loudspeakers and four subwoofers from a company that most of the readers of this article will have never heard of. But they make well priced products, extremely robust, and well supported.

    Have a listen below to the video. Listen all the way through to the end, where even though it was recorded with an iPhone, you can sense the energy coming from the subwoofers. Then you get to see a couple of goofy guys having fun playing every song they know on their little “stereo” (actually technically it’s a “mono.”) Notes and equipment list follows the video.

    We were seeing 90+ dB on the meter, using A weighting. The system did not have a lot of headroom left, but the fact that such a tiny (physically) system could fill a football field pleased us greatly. It pleased the school and graduation attendees as well, based on the numerous comments we received.

    Here’s the equipment list – If you are curious how much was invested in this system, send me a note.

    4x     2 way 15″ compact loudspeakers – On Point Audio OPA-15-YNP
    4x     Single 18″ subwoofers – On Point Audio OPA-118
    3x     5500 Watt Amplifier – Crest CC5500
    1x     8×8 DSP – Peavey Mediamatrix “X-Frame” ($200 on eBay – bulletproof)
    1x     24 Channel Digital Mixer w/D-Snake  – Allen and Heath QU24 w/AR2412 Digital Snake


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