LED Wall Pricing


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  • LED Wall Pricing

    In my learning of the LED wall space, I found that the question of pricing was the most difficult item to find answers for, until you were ready to engage with a vendor – all of the pricing is generally “project” pricing.

    Axia Concepts seeks to change this, and in the future is planning an LED Wall configurator, that will help price your LED wall for you – as we know that Church budgets often start with a dream or vision, and it’s helpful to have numbers to go with your vision. Until the LED configurator is rolled out, please contact us and we will gather information from you and provide you a quote.

    Axia Concepts generally prices LED walls as a fully functioning package, which includes:

    • LED Cabinets
    • Power Interconnect cable
    • Power Sequencing
    • Signal Interconnect cables
    • Signal Processing (scaler/switcher hardware)
    • Installation mounting method
    • System configuration and comissioning (on site)

    Once you have your LED Wall quote, the only additional expenses that you will likely incur are:

    • Any electrical work
    • Any source devices and software for content (ProPresenter, computer)
    • Travel for Axia Concepts

    Of course, all quoting will be performed based on an individual organization’s needs, and may involve some variance from these standards, but will be outlined in your system quote.

    At the time of this writing, Axia Concepts’ pricing, including all of the items above, is generally well below pricing from other vendors’ “cabinet-only” pricing.


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