Installation Considerations


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  • Other installation considerations

    One consideration is power – LED is commonly associated with reduced power consumption, and while this is true, we are often times dealing with LED quantities approaching 1,000,000 for an entire wall – so even though individual LED consumption is small, the total consumption can add up. The “worst case” for an LED wall is 100% brightness, white color. Both of these situations are rare (many times LED walls run at 50% brightness indoor,) nevertheless the power requirements for an LED wall are calculated based on the maximum possible current draw. Other than the initial “inrush” current draw at power on (each cabinet has it’s own power supply) the idle current draw is minimal; and under normal circumstances, the total power consumption would be similar to a high brightness projector (or projectors) covering the same area. Axia Concepts LED Walls include a “power sequencing” option* for all LED walls, allowing the wall to power on in segments (via remote control) to minimize the inrush load on the electrical supply.

    The power requirements for an LED wall are not sophisticated, it is unlikely that your facility would not be able to support it – we bring it up only because it is a requirement that is generally not though of when teams are considering an LED wall concept.

    If you plan to reconfigure your LED wall at certain intervals, the cabinets can be ordered in a more durable configuration that will survive the rigors of repeated setup/teardown – and we will provide training on how to reconfigure your LED wall.

    Axia Concepts will provide power calculations for your LED wall as part of the pre-installation consulting – and we will also work with your selected electrician.


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     * If your facility already has a remote motorized circuit breaker panel in place with capacity to support the LED wall, his will reduce your cost somewhat.


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