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  • Engaging with Bryan & Axia Concepts


    Thanks for your interest!

    I believe in partnerships, and for partnerships to work, both parties need to be “all in.”


    I function best, and can provide the best long term solutions for you, when I understand as much as possible about you, your organization, it’s mission/vision, and your teams.  Relationship is the foundational ingredient to this – and as such, we need face time to build a relationship.

    I’ve had traditional business folks tell me that the way I have built Axia Concepts is messy and inefficient. In most cases they are referring to the fact that I’ll travel across the country for a couple of days just to solidify a relationship. Yes, those who look at time spent vs financial return would say this is not very efficient. However I believe a solidified partnership working together for the Kingdom is measured by different means.


    Out of relationship comes the real magic – trust. When we work together with a deep trust for each other, we can help foster miracles! It is because of this that I strongly encourage our first interaction be in person. What I’ve found that works well is for me to spend a thursday – sunday with you and your team. Thursday and Friday I can get to know your team, and how you work together as a staff. Dinners offer the opportunity for me to meet spouses, and get a whole picture of the organization,  vision, and any points of contention along the road to the vision. I then experience and participate in your weekend services, and see how it is that you connect with your congregation and visitors.

    Out of this I have then the most complete picture that is possible, aside from living with you every day. I find that we can function in the virtual space much more effectively, if it starts with face time. I feel that it is so important, it’s one of a very small list of things that I ask for compensation for my time.


    An assessment like this I commonly ask for $1,000 to $1,500 plus travel and lodging (price depends on actual time spent.) I do not charge for meals  (I figure I have to eat regardless of where I am!)  I find that I can usually save more than the cost of this event, on our first medium sized engagement. And just to show how much I value relationship first, I usually take the cost of this initial assesment off of the cost of our first project together.

    If engaging in this way is not possible from the start, please don’t let it be a deterrent – we can still move forward – sometime during the early part of our relationship we will likely have an opportunity to connect in person. I’ve worked it both ways, and I only recommend the consulting event first, as in my experience it fast cycles a deep understanding, and gets me a taste of your “DNA” very quickly.

    Just need a piece of gear for now? Don’t let this stop you from contacting me !


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