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    Game Changer Summary – Tectonic Audio


    Tectonic Plates from Tectonic Audio Design utilize breakthrough “Distributed Mode Loudspeaker” technology to overcome many limitations of traditional cone- shaped loudspeakers. The results are a true game-changer for use in church, with some of the main benefits being extremely high fidelity, minimal room interaction, and feedback resistance.

    With Tectonic Plates, the feature list can be quite unbelievable. But the proof is definitely in the listening. There will be plenty of experts out there that will tell you how these specifications can’t be true, or must have some huge drawback. Give them grace – they are speaking of piston-like loudspeakers, and DML technology is a very different animal. Do yourself a favor and arrange for a live demonstration – it will make you a believer.


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    The Summary appears below. View the whole playlist here: Full Tectonic Playlist

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