Choosing The Correct LED Wall


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  • Choosing the correct LED wall

    The first consideration when embarking on the LED wall journey is to determine how far away your first viewer will be from the LED screen. Remember that this is called “pixel pitch” and is indicated by the letter “P” followed by a number representing millimeters measurement from the center of one LED to the center of the next. Below is a basic table that indicates minimum viewing distance for the three common sizes of indoor LED wall.


    P4    –    25-30ft

    P5    –    35-40ft

    P6    –   45-50 ft


    Much smaller pixel pitch is available for closer viewing or even higher resolution content if needed, but the above represents the “sweet spot” for pixel pitch pricing. Generally the smaller the pixel pitch, the more costly the LED wall will be. This is because although the cabinets don’t vary in price significantly, they do vary in physical size based on pixel pitch – smaller pixel pitch = smaller cabinet = more cabinets to achieve the same size.

    Viewing angle should also be considered, but most indoor LED walls have viewing angles in the 110 degree to 140 degree range, which is acceptable for most installations.

    The other large consideration is size, and this revolves around usage – what will you be using your wall for? Is this primary projection? Or worship effect? Or both? Answering these questions will direct what pixel pitch, size, and location will be appropriate.

    Axia Concepts can consult with you to assist in determining the appropriate LED wall for your usage, including 3D video modeling of a potential LED wall in your venue.


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