How Can Churches Use LED Walls?


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  • How can churches use LED walls?

    LED Walls have been used as a visual effect on stages for several years now, however due to cost, only very low resolution units were used. This worked well for moving backgrounds and visual effects, but lacked the resolution needed for use as a primary display screen, where projection has been the “go-to” solution for many years.

    With Axia Concepts’ direct relationship with an overseas manufacturer, coupled with the normal price drops common with all technology, LED Walls are becoming extremely cost competitive, not only as a visual effect, but as a primary display means as well. Extremely high contrast combined with exceptional brightness (even in high ambient light conditions) are two major selling points of LED. One other major item is their nearly zero maintenance for up to 100,000 hours (many years in average church use.)

    Churches can use LED walls for visual effects, or for primary display, or both.

    For visual effects, imagine if the back wall of your stage was an LED wall. No longer are you having to construct physical props for specific sermon series or seasons – styling your stage now becomes a graphic arts or video team task – in addition to that likely being a lesser effort than construction, it also does not have to be stored or disposed of after the season. Just a few years ago, LED walls were so expensive, and because of that were relegated to just worship effects. Many churches used the LED cabinets in a “tiled” arrangement, to cut down on the number of cabinets that need to be purchased. My recommendation now, with today’s pricing, is to cover 100% of your intended area – for maximum flexibility. If you wish to have a “tiled” effect, you simply create that effect in the content.

    LED Wall for primary display is now becoming very viable for church use. The benefits are incredible color rendering and high contrast – images really “pop.” In addition, for churches with high ambient light conditions (who probably struggle now with projection that is bright enough) LED walls are a great fit. Our LED walls are very high brightness when used indoors – in fact, in many of our installations, the brightness is set about 40-50% below maximum when installed.

    At this point LED is still more costly than a projection solutions (in most cases – but dropping rapidly) however the cost comes down when you take into account that an LED wall has no lamps to replace, and LED lamp life projected to be 50,000 – 100-000 hours. For most churches, this equates to many many years – I often say that you will eventually replace your video wall because you desire newer technology – not because it’s service life has been reached.

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